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How Lake Ozark Web Design Helped Streamline The Registration Process

We recently attended Vettes On The River (VOTR) in Le Claire, Iowa. This is an all Corvette car show that donates 100% of the proceeds from registration and apparel sales to various Vietnam Veterans chapters. It's a show and shine event, meaning the entries are not judged based on points as in a traditional car show. The Veterans simply pick out the Corvettes they like best. But this show isn't about judging or winning trophies. It's about the camaraderie of Corvette owners, enjoying the atmosphere of this historic river town and raising money for Vietnam Veterans.

The event is held on the levee in Le Claire, Iowa. Le Claire sits on the western bank of the Mighty Mississippi River and is the birthplace of Buffalo Bill Cody. Lately it has become famous as the home of the American Pickers. Because of its' location at the head of the Rock Island Rapids, many Riverboat Pilots made their home here.

For the last 2 years we have donated our services to design, create and maintain the Vettes On The River website. Prior to our website, everything was handled manually. The organizers of the event would receive emails or  paper registration forms in the mail and then create a placard to be placed on the dash of the car for entry to the event. Then they would mail the placard back to the registrant.

We knew there was a better way so we approached the event organizers and pitched our ideas for a website that would automate much of the registration and apparel ordering process. We got the go ahead and put together the website, purchased the domain name, hosted the site and maintained it. This year we processed 446 Corvettes registrations through the website and a couple hundred orders for shirts and hats. The organizing committee is thrilled with the website and we are happy to be able to offer our services to this great cause.

At the end of the event this year, VOTR organizers were able to present the Vietnam Veterans local chapters with a check for just over $20,000.

We're happy to report that Vettes On The River has been designated as 1 of the Top 6 Great Corvette events in the Midwest. We believe our efforts with the VOTR website played a small role in helping the event achieve that recognition.

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Vettes On The River Website

Vettes On The River Website

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Vettes On The River Website
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Vettes On The River Website