Relocating to Lake of the Ozarks - This is our story.

In September of 2016, Kim and I had another great visit to Lake of the Ozarks. This time we spent the weekend here as part of the Mid-West Corvette Club participating in the Veteran's Parade. We had a really great time and loved the support this community showed the Veterans!

On our drive back home to Port Byron, IL we started joking about just moving to the Lake since each time we visited it got harder to leave. It was pretty half-hearted at first but the more we talked, the more excited we became.  And once we got back home, we began to put together a plan to actually relocate. After some deliberation, we decided to set our move goal timetable as Spring of 2018. We were on our way to trading a Mississippi River view for a Lake view.

We didn't wait long to call Craig, our good friend and realtor.   We asked him to stop by and give us some advice on preparing our house to sell. We shared our eighteen-month timeline and he gave us a list of projects to consider. Then, about a week later, he pulled up in our driveway while we were out doing some painting and asked if he could show our house. We were a year and a half away from putting it on the market but he had a hunch and we all figured why not?  Long story short, we had a cash offer in a matter of days and the buyer wanted to close in less than a month. Suddenly our 18-month plan had turned into 30 days!

Those next 30 days were a whirlwind but we somehow managed to get everything done and found a new place to call home here at the Lake. We love our new place and the pace of life here- not to mention the friendly people we meet everywhere we go. As soon as people find out we're new to the area, the response is always the same, "Welcome to the Lake," and we think that's pretty special!

Relocating to Lake Of The Ozarks - What we learned.

If we had it to do over again what would we do differently? What recommendations would we offer to others considering a move to the Lake. Good questions? As we mentioned already, the people at the Lake are fantastic and love to help. Don't be afraid to interact with people and ask questions. Wherever we went, once people found out we were new to the area they were quick to offer suggestions on just about any subject we asked about. Take advantage of the helpful nature of the residents!

If you will be seeking employment, where you decide to live is important. For example, let's say you would be working somewhere on Osage Beach Parkway. If you decided to live on Horseshoe Bend, your commute might be more than you bargained for. Keep in mind that because of the lake and its' many fingers or inlets, getting from point A to point B is never a straight shot. Driving from Lake Ozark to Sunset Beach can take 25 minutes via the toll bridge or 45 minutes the long way around. Be prepared for 2 lane winding, hilly roads. The same thing that makes the area so scenic and special is what can extend your commute - especially "in-season" when traffic swells.

Get a realtor. They know the area well and sometimes know about properties before they hit the market. We really like Mike & Susie Berra ( Tell them we recommended them.

We've been residents here for a full year now and have experienced the busy Summer months and the "off-season" and we enjoy both. We've discovered some favorite places and have many more to visit. Here are a few of our favorite places in no particular order.

We're thrilled to be here and can't wait to hear some of your stories. Please feel free to add comments or questions.