Lake Collision Repair

After a minor parking lot mishap, we found ourselves in need of a body shop. So we asked around for recommendations and the overwhelming response was Lake Collision Repair in Osage Beach, Missouri. People said, "Go see Barbara at Lake Collision Repair". We took the advice and we are so happy we did.

We can't say enough good things about Lake Collision Repair. Barbara and her staff are on top of their game. Even though our "injuries" were pretty minor in the overall scheme of things, Barbara made us feel like we were their most important customer. We were kept informed of the status of our car every step of the way. When we arrived to pick it up, the car was sitting out front looking better than ever. They did a fantastic job and treated us how we like to be treated.

About a week after we got our car back, I managed to get some overspray on the trunk lid - definitely not from their repairs (it was perfect when I picked it up). I called Barbara and explained my problem and she said to stop by at our convenience and she would look at it. When I got there the next day, they dropped everything to inspect my overspray situation. They took care of the problem immediately. I fully intended to pay for having the overspray removed but when I offered to pay they refused any compensation for their service. Wow, talk about great customer service!

It's a pretty good feeling to know there are still places where you can get customer service like that. I am joining the group of people who recommended Lake Collision Repair.

Fender-bender? Deer hit? Collision? Detailing?

Go see Barbara!

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